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17 Months OPT Extension In Jeopardy ??


17 Months OPT Extension In Jeopardy ??

In 2008, Department of Homeland Security(DHS) proposed an interim rule for the International students graduated in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) an additional 17 months Optional Practical Training(OPT) STEM Extension. This is to allow students continue working legally in US in case if they couldn`t get H-1B visa in time due to huge H-1B demand and lottery.

Now, the Court is of the opinion that DHS has passed the rule of 17 Months OPT extension for STEM graduates with imperfect notice and comment which is necessary for rule making and thus making this rule invalid.

What happens now ?

Many OPT students will be affected by this sudden decision. Considering the impact on OPT students, the Federal Court gave DHS till February 12, 2016 to rectify this rule with proper notice and commenting period. Since DHS has almost 6 months of time to rectify this rule, we hope DHS will act soon without causing any major inconvenience to the current OPT students